Privacy policy

Last update: October 24th, 2016

The following Privacy Policies apply to all users of the web systems developed and operated by Pulso Vital Consulting Group . If you have any questions you can contact us using the following means:

Phone: +52 (55) 5212 1060
Postal mail: Pulso Vital Consulting Group
General Juan Cano 93, Col. San Miguel Chapultepec
Mexico City. C.P. 11850

About the Information We Collect and How We Use It

1. Information provided directly by the user, or by the person who registers the user within the system. This information is focused on providing a professional user profile within the system in use. The personal data that Pulso Vital Consulting Group systems can request are:

  • Name and surnames (required)
  • Date of Birth
  • Identification Photography
  • Contact email
  • Contact Phone
  • Federal Taxpayer Registration
Academics and Professionals
  • Level of Academic Studies
  • Date of entry to the company where you work
  • Years of Professional Experience
  • Professions you have performed
  • Civil Status
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Geographic Location of Residence (Country, State, Municipality, Zone)
  • Languages ​​
  • Computational Knowledge

2. Information about user activities within the system. Our systems keep records of various actions performed on the system (registration, editing and deletion of records, start of processes, etc.) as well as texts of messages sent through the system. Each activity stores the IP address of the computer from which the user has connected to the web system, or the address provided by the intranet server from which it has been connected to the system. We also keep general information about the type of internet browser (model, version, additional components), as well as the date and time of the action taken.

In case of access to the system, we save the descriptive record of the action, with the user name, time and date, but does not save the access password. This only resides in the registry of the user, encrypted with a security key.

Use of Personal Information

Personal data collected are generally for use by the company that has contracted Pulso Vital Consulting Group services. This information is used to define the profile of employees working within the organization. In case the user contract has been signed directly with Pulso Vital Consulting Group , the data will be used only by the user himself and by the other users that interact with it.

In addition, the access account (username and password), are used exclusively as a method of identification to enter the system. Contact email is used by our systems to send messages of various kinds and always related to the use of the tool, and can be activated by various users within the web system.

Getting Data

Companies and individuals who contract Pulso Vital Consulting Group services, by acting as clients and therefore owners of the system information, can export all of the aforementioned personal information from the Employees. In addition, they can export information about the actions performed by the users on the system, either through the web system or by request to Pulso Vital Consulting Group . They also have the ability to request complete information on the different modules of our applications (Individual Objectives, Competency Evaluation, Performance Evaluation, 360º Evaluations, Development and Training, Projects, Talent Management, Coaching Processes).

Pulso Vital Consulting Group does not share this data with any external customer.

Warranties and Technical Details

We take appropriate measures to protect the integrity of the data and the servers where they reside. Servers are monitored by specialized systems and by suitably trained personnel. Only Vital Server Consulting Group employees and server infrastructure providers have access to these. These people have legal contracts with Pulso Vital Consulting Group to ensure the integrity of company information.

In situations in which clients require the connection of external systems to Pulso Vital Consulting Group to our servers, this is done following protocols that ensure that the shared information is only that which is proprietary Of such customers.

Users' passwords are stored under an encryption scheme in databases, and encryption keys reside exclusively on the company's servers. The rest of the data is protected by security measures of the data servers, and can be encrypted according to the needs of each client.

Means that the User has to edit his Information

Registered users have access from their home screen to the data editing module, where they can modify or delete the aforementioned personal data (except to delete the name or surnames, since they are mandatory fields for the identification of the Person).

If a user wants to completely remove his data from the system, he can directly contact his company's Human Resources department, under which he contracts with Pulso Vital Consulting Group , or contact us directly Through the means provided at the beginning of this document.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

These privacy policies can change over time. You can always check the latest version at the bottom from your Vital Kiosko within each of our applications. In those cases where the changes are of great importance and it is necessary to request the consent of the users again, a message will be sent by e-mail or the updated document will be deployed to the user's login to the web system.

Acceptance of these privacy policies means a mutually agreeable agreement between the customer, the users of our web system and Pulso Vital Consulting Group . Upon acceptance, the user may exercise his rights at any time and request termination of the agreement using the above methods.

Public Agreements Adhered

These Privacy Policies follow the guidelines defined by the IFAI (Federal Institute of Access to Public Information) in accordance with the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals published in Mexico Through the Official Gazette of the Federation on Monday, July 5, 2010.